CoE Research - Developing a Model for Open Agricultural Data in Jamaica

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Research Title Developing a Model for Open Agricultural Data in Jamaica
Research Questions Can an OpenData approach be used to increase the effectiveness and value of Agriculture Production Data in Jamaica, by encouraging the development of new business applications and 3rd party services innovation.
Scope / Methodology The conduct of this Research will be based on the Design Science methodology and will involves the following activity stages:
a)To explore the institutional feasibility of an open data pilot project around the use of the Agriculture Production data in Jamaica.
b)To design a web services interface to enable credentials-based, distributed access to Agriculture Production data
c) To build a demonstration prototype of an application that illustrates how OpenData can improve directly and indirectly the efficiency of value-chain microfinance loan processing in Jamaica that could benefit small farmers
e) To provide recommendations for further development of the Pilot project in alignment with recommendations to the development of the Caribbean Open Institute: Data, Communications, Impact.
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