CoE Projects - Jamaica Diaspora Web Portal

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Project Title Jamaica Diaspora Web Portal
Client Jamaica Diaspora Institute
Business Problem / Opportunity The Jamaican Diaspora community represents a significant potential economic and development resource for Jamaica. However there is currently no central information resource available that represents the configuration of the Jamaican Diaspora, or provides a consistent managed channel to tap into the developmental knowledge and people resources resident in this community. Through the EC-UN funded project "Knowledge networks for Connecting Jamaica to its Diaspora", the Jamaica Diaspora Institute (JDI) commissioned the CoE to develop a Web Portal that connects the Jamaican Diaspora to various interest groups in Jamaica and provides a space for the sharing of critical development information and tapping into the knowledge base and resources of the Jamaican Diaspora.
FOSS Application Drupal/CiviCRM - Web Presence & Constituency Relationship Management
FOSS Solution Approach We used an integrated platform of Drupal and CiviCRM open source tools to develop the Web Portal. CiviCRM was particularly useful for building the online forms and databases required to represent the various, searchable data repositories in the portal including: Diaspora Associations, Local Institutions, Community-based projects, Case Studies.
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