The MSBM Centre of Excellence is the premier source of information, knowledge and expertise within Jamaica and the Caribbean, about the application of Open Source Software for business and public sector innovation
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The Open Source movement has dramatically changed the software landscape. Many companies, from large enterprises to small businesses now use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to provide office productivity, data processing and management information systems support to their daily business activities. Small businesses (SMEs) in particular, now have access to many sophisticated ICT solutions that were previously too costly to acquire. However many SMEs continue to be challenged by the lack of awareness, appropriate training and cost-effective professional support services which limit their ability to effectively implement and take advantage of these available technologies. In response to these challenges and the opportunities arising from the increased availability and acceptance of open source software, the Mona School of Business has established the Center of Excellence for IT-enabled Business Innovation, to address technical, managerial, and business approaches to the increased adoption and utilization of these significant ICT resources in the local business community. If you are looking to buy a business plan or need exceptional business report writing services, you can check out for more information.


OpenSource News

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Today's Featured FOSS


Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a next-generation, innovative Open Source application that provides state-of-the-art messaging and collaboration solutions (email, address book, calendaring, web documents, etc.). Zimbra provides a sleek user interface with both Web-based and desktop clients that businesses can either deploy in-house, or via hosted service providers. The Zimbra desktop client can provide a single, unified interface to existing pop3 or iMAP email services such as gmail, eXchange and other corporate email services. Find out more...