About the Small Business Resource Center

The efficiency, vibrancy and competitiveness of the local Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) sector is a vital contributor to the Jamaican economy. We believe that SMEs can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their business operations by taking advantage of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) . If you are an SME we therefore encourage you to Register and become a Member of our online business community. Registration is free and provides you with access to a range of online resources that we have assembled to help you in your efforts to select and implement the most suitable FOSS solutions for your business.

If you have not yet done so, we also encourage you to take our online Survey to help us understand your business and ICT requirements in order to tailor assistance to your specific needs. Not sure what solutions are suitable for your business? Take a look at some of our Case Studies of local companies that have successfully implemented FOSS solutions in their business. Or explore some of the best-of-breed FOSS applications selected by the COE as part of its Small Business solution Suite. See something of interest? Request an account for  an online Demo which we can quickly put in place to help you assess whether this is suitable for your business.

Training is one of the most important investments that SMEs can make in their business and staff. In partnership with our sister organization at the MSB, the Professional Services Unit, we have assembled a range of training programs and resources specifically geared towards the SME sector to help with the development of the capacity and knowledge to maximize their business potential. Specific to the use of ICTs, many of these training resources are available to registered members through our online eLearning portal.

Feel free to become a Member and utilize all the online resources on this site, or contact us for more specific information or assistance.