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Re-Engineering local Microfinance Operations

So we're heading off to Uruguay in a few weeks to present our ideas about the use of ICT (mobile in particular) as an enabler of the local Microfinance process, and hopefully to secure funding to pursue these ideas. This presentation at the XIII Foromic Conference being held in Montevideo, Uruguay represents the next stage in the IADB's "Technologies for Financial Inclusion Program " for which MSB's innovation submission was one of 20 best winning ideas selected. 

30 Countries, 420 Ideas, 20 Winners!

MSB through a collaboration between its Centre of Excellence and an interesting mix of partners (more on that in a subsequent Blog), has gained the distinction of being one of 20 best winning ideas selected for the Multi-Agency Initiative "Technologies for Financial Inclusion Program ".

FOSS, the Final Frontier?

I recently wrote this piece for MSB’S Annual Supplement.. then decided I liked it enough to post it on my Blog..

FOSS, Philosophy & Politics - What's the Connection?

My son, Matthew, perhaps by virtue of the environment he grew up in, has been a computer buff all his life (although he would strongly resist the geek characterization). In high school, he was top 5  in the island in CAPE IT, started his own Web company and had grand visions of becoming the next MIcrosoft. Having gone to a Liberal Arts college for his 1st Degree, he is now in his final year and has switched his major to Political Philosophy, much to his Mother's great distress.

A Work-In-Progress

The CoE's website continues to be a work-in-progress, so you will see many changes and different looks at the outset, as we seek to establish a compelling and effective web presence. We expect this website to be a key channel for interacting with all our constituents of interest, viz: Small Business Community, Students, Potential Sponsors/Funding Sources,  etc. As such we will be trying to make the website dynamic, informative and engaging, and will try to make full use of modern Web 2.0 Interactive capabilities.

About My Blog

First things first.. What is a Blog? Blog is short for Web Log, and is a personal electronic diary for sharing one's opinion about any specific topic of interest. Blogs have become a very popular phenomenon on the Web. They represent a progressive democratization of the traditional publishing process, where persons outside the mainstream media have the ability to publish their ideas, thoughts and opinions and make it accessible, at least in theory, to the entire Internet-connected world.

Welcome to the Centre of Excellence!

Welcome to the Centre of Excellence (CoE) at the Mona School of Business!  As one of the five institutional pillars of MSB,  the Center of Excellence seeks to provide activist leadership in conceptualizing, building and disseminating ICT-enabled business innovations, in the wider business community.

About MSB-CoE

About MSB-CoE

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